Garage / Workshop construction 2006


The Interior of the workshop / garage


September 27, 2006 - 2nd Floor interior

This photo shows the proximity of the workshop to the house.  Not a bad commute to get to work in the mornings.

March 2, 2007 - Tools have moved in, but still much work needed to get them in order.

Over the past two weeks we moved my larger woodworking tools into their new space.  We are still working off extension cords and the dust vac has not been set up so there's not much woodworking going on yet.  I am getting a sense of what it will be like once finished.  It's going to be a great workshop!

May 8, 2007 - Workshop starting to take shape.

We spent the weekend moving lumber up to the attic so now my workshop is spacious again.

Robert bought a 5hp cabinet saw which is still downstairs because it is so heavy.  I have already started making decorative boxes again, but we still spend so much time working on the building (and sailing) that I don't have much time for making sawdust.

October 20, 2007 - Workshop fill up.

We got the heavy cabinet saw up and Robert ran a 220V electrical circuit to it through the attic.  We did the same for the new 8" x 76" Grizzly jointer.  What a nice piece of machinery that is!  It still looks a bit crowded up here, but I will eventually get everything where it belongs.

March 2009- drywall going up.

In March 2009 we drywalled the ceiling and walls of my workshop and painted the walls a crisp white.  Then we had to move all my tools to one side so that I could start installing the flooring.

The finishing crew sanding the floor, getting it ready for the finish.

I did most of the floor installation with some help from Robert.  It sure was back breaking work but the air nailer sure was a great help.  I went with bands of color as I had leftovers of 6 different species from my flooring company.  We got a crew in to do the sanding and finishing of the floor.

I find the floor very slippery when it gets sawdust on it because it is very slick.  Using a gritty sealer would perhaps have been better, but with it this slick it sure does make it easy to sweep clean.

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