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Siding and roofing


October 30, 2006 - Robert on platform on back wall with our house to the right.

Over the past two weeks we got OSB up on all the other walls right up to the roof. We then started putting Tyvek up on the west side (back) wall, inserted two windows, started putting up Hardie plank siding and put soffits up on this side.  It is all very slow going as we have to work off the Pump Jacks which do not allow for easy movement up there.  Putting the soffits up was very awkward as we were working off a platform made from a single length of 2x6" (the one Robert is sitting on in the photo above). 

These are single hung windows (only the bottom half opens) with LoE2 glass.  I asked Robert to put them 2 feet off the ground so that I can clearly see through the top pane (with me being 5' 2"), rather than having to look into the bar that separates the two panes, like they are doing in the new homes being constructed behind us.  Being single hung the top panes have no screens, only the bottom half, thus giving a clear view outside.

As we had quite a few rainy days Robert got most of the lighting in on both levels and some of the electrical outlets.  With the time change we now start working earlier in the morning as it is light at 7am.  We therefore get at least 4 1/2 hours of work in every day.

November 20, 2006 - side door installed

With me being out of town and various other activities taking us away from garage building we really haven't done much over the past 2 weeks.  Robert did however install the side door and we got some more Tyvek up on the south-facing wall.

December 19, 2006 - Robert and Jane putting up Hardie Plank

Over the past month we put up the garage door, put up more Tyvek and started putting Hardie Plank up at the bottom of all the walls.  We went up as far as we could reach on ladders.

Robert had to order a commercial garage door due to the height of the opening.  At 18 foot wide and 11 feet high it was quite a chore to get it installed.  Robert got the tracks up and now it runs up and down as smooth as butter.

December 23 - Jane and Robert finishing off the gable peak

We put our harnesses on and each had a rope to anchor ourselves to the roof.  The platform sure moved a lot up there.  After finishing the siding we went ahead and puttied the gaps.  Robert was going to put a piece of trim where the siding and the soffit came together but decided it looked just fine once puttied.

December 30, 2006 - Windows installed

It took one day to installed 5 windows.  The three over the garage door are just temporarily screwed in to keep the damp air out.  Once we finish the siding on the south wall we will install them properly.

Now that the building is somewhat secure I have started moving a few of my woodworking tools in.

February 8, 2007 - Siding, windows and soffits in place

It has been very cold in the mornings, below freezing, so we have not done much work on the building since mid January.  However, we did install soffits, soffit vents and siding on the south- and east-facing walls, thereby completing all the window installations.  Now we are working on siding the north-facing wall.  Once we get that done and the soffits installed the building will be completely closed in.

February 8, 2007 - Soffit detail

This photo shows the soffit and soffit vent detail.  Robert decided to use a continuous vent strip rather than individual rectangular vents like we have on the house.  They are easier to install and look nicer.

March 24, 2007 - Hip roof all nicely shingled.

While the Pump Jacks were on the north face Robert installed the starter shingles and did 3 rows of shingles as far as the Jacks went.  Then we moved it all to the front of the building and it took the rest of the day for us to shingle the hip.  We had a steamy 88 degrees F (31C) the next day, so it sure was a hot one for working on the roof.  It seems we went straight from winter to mid summer.

March 30, 2007 - Robert putting shingles up.

Robert made a hoist setup with a little platform onto which I could put the shingles and them hoist them to the platform.  This works very well.  I can hoist half a pack of shingles up there at a time.  It sure beats hauling them up the ladder held under my arm like we did with the house.

With me handing Robert shingles and him nailing them in place the installation is going fast.  Note the booster "ladders" Robert made so that he did not have to put more walkboards up.  They work well to get him up the last couple of feet.  The lower part of the roof is yellow from the heavy pollen fall.

May 11, 2007 - Robert putting the last few shingles in place.

We have finally finished the roof.  Robert inserted 3 turbines which seem to be effective in removing hot air from the attic.  We can now finally take the walk boards and Pump Jacks down.

May 26, 2007 - Ditch digging, AKA garden demolition

Robert rented a ditch digger to dig the ditch for the electrical wiring to run from the house's panel to the garage.  We dug the ditch 22" deep, which would make the top of the conduit no less than 18" from ground level.  Robert then sealed all the joints and, with much difficulty, got it into the house by going through the soffit in the laundry room.

We got the rough electrical inspection passed on June 26 so now Robert can hook up the wires to the fuse panels and we can finally get some real power in the building.

In November we painted the outside of the building.  On December 4, 2007 we got the Certificate of Occupancy.


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