Namibia Trip - September 2008

Date:  September 1 to 13, 2008 - Spring
Where:  Namibia, Africa
Who:  Mom, Dad, Robert and Jane (this report was written by Jane)
Vehicle:  Chrysler minivan

Robert and I flew from Atlanta, Georgia, USA to Cape Town, South Africa with a stop-over to change planes in Dakar, Senegal.  The flight took 20 hours.  We spent one day in Darling, where my parents live, and then got on the road for fun and adventure in Namibia.

Border of Namibia

September 1 - On the Road

We left Darling, just outside Cape Town, at 6:30am.  We drove all along the west coast of South Africa heading north.  This was springtime but most of the flowers were closed due to it being overcast.  The more north we went the clearer the sky got so we did see some open flowers in Garies and several places along the way right up the the Namibia border.  We got to the border at 2:40pm, just over 8 hours after leaving home.  Border control was swift and we were on our way to Grunau where we would sleep the night in chalets.  Our chalets had a fridge and stove so we made dinner with groceries we had bought along the way.

While driving north we saw pelicans, baboons, dassies, ostriches and sprinkbok.

Our first sight of wild animals along the road - two baboons

September 2 - On to Windhoek

The next morning we had cereal and got on the way to Windhoek.  The morning stared off cold but it quickly warmed up.  In Windhoek we bought some curios, saw a few of the attractions and did some serious grocery shopping as we would likely not find a large grocery store for the next 5 days.  We stayed at Arebbusch Travel Lodge in Windhoek.  The chalets were very nice with a fridge but no stove, so we made dinner on our gas stoves.

The Namatoni entrance to Etosha National Park

September 3 - Etosha National Park

It took us 5 hours from Windhoek to the gate of Etosha.  Minutes after entering the gate we already started seeing animals.  We saw several giraffe, springbok, zebras and Dad spotted a leopard lying in the road.  As we backed up he got up and moved into the bush about 10 feet from the road and lay down again.   When we got to our tent site at Halali we set up the tents and I made lamb curry for dinner.  That night we visited the waterhole inside the camp where we saw two rhinos and a leopard.  I stayed at the waterhole after the others went to bed so I got to see another rhino and 3 hyenas coming for a drink.

Giraffe on the Etosha flats on our way to Halali

Our campsite at Halali

Halali and the other two camping areas are gated with barbed wire around the perimeter to keep the animals out.  Each of the camps has a waterhole where the animals come to drink at night.  There is seating near the waterhole for viewing the animals.  The animals make use of these waterholes in the dry months but when it is wet they have access to several other natural water sources.


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