Granite Peak - Montana - USA

August 2002

The red dot indicates the high point on Granite Peak at 12,799ft.

In August 2002 Robert, Jane and John flew from Atlanta, Georgia to Bozeman, Montana on a quest to reach the High Point of Montana, Granite Peak, at 12,799ft above sea level.


Our first night in Montana at the world's 1st KOA, before setting out on our hike.


Mystic Lake


Our first camp site, above the Switchback From Hell.  We got to camp just as the light started to fade.  Finding water was not easy.  There was a trickle on the path just above our camp where we dug to create a little pool into which we could submerge our water filter.


Sunset over Mystic Lake


Once the sun had set the cold fell on us like a sheet of ice.


Setting out on day 2, headed over the plains.

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Setting out on our trip - day 1 & 2
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Base Camp and Summit Day
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Reaching the top of Montana.
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The top and back to Base Camp.
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Mystic Lake and homeward bound.


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