Hiking, climbing and getting around.

Here you will find a few of the trips we have been on, up steep mountains, through deserts and forests and into some of  the most beautiful wilderness around the world.

New Zealand

November & December 2011 - Three weeks driving around the north and south islands, visiting botanic gardens, enjoying the wildlife and touristy sights & trails.

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Patagonia, South America

November & December 2010 - five weeks backpacking in Chile & Argentina then visiting Paraguay and Brazil

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August 2009 - 14 days of driving around Iceland.  Ice, waterfalls, green pastures and wind.

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Namibia, Africa

September 2008 - two weeks of driving around Namibia, seeing animals in Etosha National Park, skydiving in Swakopmund and wildflowers on the trip home to Darling, South Africa.

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Wind River Range , Wyoming

August 31 to September 9, 2006
Trip report of our 8 day hike from Elkhart Park to the Titcomb Basin and Indian Basin.  Also photos and descriptions of our hike up Fremont Peak, the Titcomb Needles and Elephant Head.

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Mount Rainier, Washington

August 19 to 28, 2005 - Successful summit of Mount Rainier from Paradise, via Disappointment Cleaver.  Also a few of the sights we saw while out there.

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Cirque of the Towers - Wind River Mountains, Wyoming

July  2005 - 5 days spent in the Wind River range starting at Big Sandy Lake trailhead, and rock climbing in the Cirque of the Towers.  Then 3 days sightseeing around Wyoming.

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Mount Hood - Oregon's High Point

May/June 2004 - 4 days spent on Mount Hood, first a failed summit attempt and then a successful one.

Mount Rainier -  Washington's High Point

June 2004 - 3 days spent on the mountain.

Western Cape - South Africa

March 2004 - An account of our 2 week road trip around the south of South Africa.  From Cape Town north to Clanwilliam, east to lions and ostrich rides in Oudtshoorn and walks on lonely beaches in Tsitsikamma.

Gannett Peak - Wyoming's High Point

June/July 2003 - 8 Days of hiking around the Wind River Range, starting at Elkhart Park trailhead.  We summitted Gannett Peak which is 13,804 ft above sea level.  This is my account of our experience.

Granite Peak - Montana's High Point

August 2002 - Several pages of photographs of our trip to Granite Peak.  The trip notes are not very detailed.

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