Band saw boxes

Apple-seed Box
This box is made out of one solid piece of cherry, which originally measured 6x6x3".  All cuts are made on a band saw with a 1/8" blade.  The first step is to cut a curve for the lid.  Then cut the base off.  Keep the base as you will be attaching it again once the center pieces have been cut out.  Then cut the key out, creating a rounded sliding dovetail.  After that is done the lid can be cut out, with another rounded dovetail which creates the sliding lid.

After the lid is cut off the inside of the box can be cut out.  As the box was square I decided to divide the central piece into two, thereby making two smaller boxes inside instead of just one.  These little boxes are formed by cutting off the base, the lid, and then cutting out the central cavity.

Once the pieces are all cut out glue the seams where you cut through to create the body cavity.  Also glue the bases back in place.  With the smaller boxes inside you have to make one more piece, the piece that forms the lip of the lid.  This is done by slicing a piece off the 'throw away' bit that came out of the center.  It is of course possible to make an even smaller box which would fit inside the small boxes, but I decided that was far enough.

I went one step further and veneered the top, the inside of the small lids, and the base of the small boxes.  This step is not necessary, but adds a lot of character to the boxes.

The smaller boxes can be displayed outside the 'mother' box or kept inside.

Box cutting sequence


Only the BACK side and the BASE need to be perpendicular to each other.  All other sides can be cut at any angle.

1.  Place the box on its BACK and cut the curve for the lid.  What is cut off is discarded.  Also cut the base about 1/4" thick.  Keep this as it will later be glued back in place.

2.  Turn the box onto its BASE to cut the key out.  This has to create a sliding rounded dovetail.

3.  Then turn the box onto its BACK again and cut the lid off. 
Be sure not to make the stem of the dovetail too thin or it might brake.

4.  Placing the box on its BASE again cut the central cavity by going in through the key area.  In this way the join will be less visible.  It will also make the key fit more snug.

5.  Now turning to the inner box, turn it onto its BACK and cut the lid and base off.

6.  Going in close to a corner, cut the central part out.  Cut a 1/8" slither off the central scrap.  This will eventually be glued to the inside of the small lid to form a lip. (See photo of inside of small box lid above.)

Glue up involves gluing all the seams together where entry cuts were made.  Also glue the bases back in place.  Sand all sides with a spindle sander and finish with your favorite finish.

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